The Managing Director​

Johan Durand is the managing director of Motsu Consulting, a visionary with experience in doing the unconventional with extraordinary results.


4 years as director in CKR/Nala Consulting Engineers, establishing the Pretoria Branch

Almost 30 years in the Consulting Engineering industry.

The most recent 8 years prior to Motsu Consulting were focussed in creating and establishing a successful environmental sustainability department in a top-100 JSE listed company

Electrical and Electronic engineering specialising in the following:

  • MV & LV distribution and reticulation
  • Standby Systems
  • Uninterruptable power supply systems
  • Lighting
  • Electronic security, CCTV, fire detection, etc
  • Reliability engineering
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • High availability systems (i.e. data centre infastructure in the electrical, electronic and mechanical systems)
  • Energy efficiency and alternative fuel/energy sources
  • Value engineering


  • Energy, water and waste optimisation
  • Opportunity identification and project implementation
  • Value engineering
  • Risk assessments
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Feasiblity studies
  • Green financing (R1,5 billion)
  • Strategy development
  • Team Development
  • Participation in compiling and writing the annual integrated report
  • External and internal reporting

Environmental Sustainability:

Project experience – Efficiency and Optimisation Projects Implemented

Completed more than 130 projects consisting of efficient lighting, domestic hot water, air-conditioning and ventilation upgrades, plant monitoring systems, metering and automation; including
grid tied Solar PV plants at 63 facilities with installed capacity of 12MW(peak), capable of generating 20GWh/annum; and
implementation of the largest lighting replacement project qualifying for a 12L tax rebate, consisting of 140 000 lights; collectively
reaching grid based energy avoidance of 24% annually after 7 years.

Examples of projects executed

HVAC integrated with DHW
Augmenting thermal property of refrigeration gas
Refrigerant gas orientated HVAC systems efficiency increase with evaporative cooling
Standalone DHW system upgrades
Grid tied Solar PV and solar DHW systems
Desalination of sea water for potable application
Water treatment plants from groundwater source to potable
Grey water harvesting
Waste management and proof of convept to reach zero waste to landfill
Successful proof of concept to use disruptive alternative methadology to deal with infectious risk waste
Plant monitoring, utility metering (water and electricity) and telemetry systems
PV = Photo Voltaic            DHW = Domestic Hot Water             HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning