Motsu Consulting focusses on Environmental Sustainability, strengthened by strategic partnerships, enabling an agile solution provision with specialist access through the partnership network, resulting in to-the-point solutions and value creation. Motsu Consulting is values orientated, believing in ethical business and responsible partners, collectively accountable for the value it creates and the impact it has on clients and partner businesses.

Value of strategic partnerships


Specialist project and programme management

Experienced solution developers and engineers

Innovation and disruptive solutions

Intelligence: Tracking, benchmarking and goal setting for energy, water and waste

Alternative and “Green” Financing

Independant results verification and assurance for annual integrated report and other external reporting purposes

  • Internal: Operational and Management
  • External: CDP, Annual Integrated Report, FTSE Russel, ESG, etc.
  • Specialist project management
  • Specialist engineering
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Independant project performance measurement and verification

  This business model enables quality service on time and at the right price